June 24, 2024
CBD Special Offer: Purple Dank Terpene Infused 1000mg CBD Raw Pastes - BUY ONE & GET ONE FREE

We have an amazing special offer to kickstart our new online store at Area 51 CBD Lab.

We are offering a special limited time offer on Purple Dank’s terpene infused 1000mg CBD Raw Pastes.

Buy one and get one completely free!

The entire range of flavours and terpene profiles are instock including Biscotti, Skywalker OG, Zkittlez, Super Silver Haze, Gelato, Dog Walker OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Tangerine Dream, Sour Diesel and Granddaddy Purple.

Priced at £27.00.

To purchase Purple Dank’s terpene infused 1000mg CBD Raw Pastes, please visit our online store at: CBD Raw Pastes

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