May 27, 2024
NOIDS POT Herb Cooker - Now Instock at Area 51 CBD Lab

Area 51 CBD Lab are proud to announce that we are now stocking the amazing POT herb cooker device by NOIDS.

The POT herb cooker by NOIDS is an all-in-one machine, which is capable of decarboxylation, oil/butter infusion, ethanol extraction, and filtering.

POT by NOIDS is the only machine on the market that does all the above.

Created for cooking medicinal herb, POT by NOIDS is designed to make herb-cooking at home free of hassle, stink, and mess. 

NOIDS POT Herb Cooker
POT Herb Cooker NOIDS CBD Setting

The unique Smart Heating Algorithm collapses all the complexity of knowledge and handling into a simple twist of the machine.

The only thing you need to know is what you want, POT will take care of the rest. 

POT by NOIDS – 1 machine, 5 functions, any strain.

We hopefully will have lots of interesting content coming in the future on the blog making CBD rich edibles with NOIDS POT Herb Cooker.

RRP: £259.99

To purchase the POT Herb Cooker by NOIDS, please visit our Area 51 CBD Lab online shop at: NOIDS POT Herb Cooker

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