April 19, 2024
Organic CBD Infused Honey Products at Area 51 CBD Lab

In recent years, CBD has taken the health and wellness world by storm.

From oils to gummies to infused beverages, there seems to be no limit to the ways in which this miracle cannabinoid can be enjoyed.

But one of the most delicious and versatile forms of CBD out there? CBD Infused Honey.

This sweet treat combines the natural healing properties of CBD with the many benefits of honey, making it the perfect addition to your daily routine.

Honey is one of the healthiest mediums for infusing CBD (Cannabidiol) and creating delicious edibles in my opinion.

There are a number of reasons why CBD infused honey is healthier and superior to many other CBD edible products on the market.

Why choose CBD Honey over other CBD edibles such as CBD Gummies?

So why choose organic CBD infused honey over other CBD products?

For starters, honey offers a myriad of medicinal health benefits on its own, making it an ideal carrier for CBD to work its magic.

Honey has been used for centuries for its diverse healing properties, which includes antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, anti-microbial and even potentially anti-cancer effects.

If you have a sweet tooth but want to avoid the negative effects of refined sugar, look no further than nature’s own sweetener – honey.

Most CBD edibles on the market such as CBD gummies typically contain refined sugars, which may not be suitable for diabetics and others looking for a healthier choice.

Honey is composed of natural sugars such as glucose and fructose, which are easily digested by the body and provide a quick source of energy.

Unlike refined sugar, which is processed and stripped of its nutrients, honey retains its natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

CBD Honey is a versatile edible!

Adding organic CBD infused honey to your daily routine is easy and delicious.

Simply drizzle it on your morning toast, mix it into your tea, or enjoy it straight from the spoon.

With its sweet and soothing taste, organic CBD infused honey is the perfect way to incorporate CBD into your wellness regimen.

You can also use CBD honey in baking recipes to create CBD infused medicated versions of your favorite desserts and treats.


Honey Heaven Organic CBD Honey Area 51 CBD Lab

Honey Heaven’s Organic CBD Honey is our featured product here at Area 51 CBD Lab online shop.

A delicious tasting, medicinal CBD infused honey.

1500mg full spectrum CBD extract CO2 extracted from the stem, leaves and flowers of the sativa L (hemp) plant suspended in Virgin Hemp oil mixed with our raw Organic acacia honey.

Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate!

LINK: Honey Heaven – Organic CBD Infused Honey 1500mg

For more information or to purchase our Organic CBD Honey products, please visit our Area 51 CBD Lab Online Shop section at: Organic CBD Honey

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