600mg Cold Pressed CBD Hemp Oil (30ml) – The Long Leaf

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The Long Leaf CBD Co


600mg Cold Pressed CBD Hemp Oil (30ml) – The Long Leaf

  • 100% Organic Cold Pressed CBD Oil
  • Day & Night Functional Cannabis Derived Terpenes
  • Contains 600mgs of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids
  • Lab Tested & Produced in ISO9001 Facility

Cannabinoids love to be together. So we’re not going to break up what nature intended. 🌱

We’ve produced an artisanal- small batch cold-pressed 600mg CBD oil which is naturally rich in a full suite of hemp bioactives. The process protects the delicate beneficial compounds and gently coaxes them into our bottles, and into your tummy. We’ve then added functional live resin cannabis-derived terpenes for flavour, and function.

The completely organic and natural CBD tincture is packed with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, functional cannabis derived-terpenes, flavonoids and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. It’s super healthy and completely natural.

How Our Cold Pressed CBD Hemp Oil Is Produced

Cold-pressing hemp is a traditional method of extracting a whole raw extract from hemp. The plant is crushed at a low temperature to draw out all the goodness in the form of an oil – rather than extracted via a Co2 chamber.

While the pressed extracts generally have a lower level of cannabinoids, the delicate phytonutrients are preserved, giving the 600mg CBD oil a rounder, more naturally beneficial synergistic effect. The bring the entourage, buddy!

The hemp oil is already extremely nutrient dense, but we’ve added some organic extra virgin olive oil and functional terpenes to get the very most from our oils.

Night Time Terpene Blend Information

Terpenes are a fantastic functional compound that are behind the therapeutic application of cannabis. We’ve added real cannabis derived terpenes from an Indica dominant strain.

The theory is that they are calming, soothing and are perfectly paired with a warm pair of bed comfys.

The flavours should slightly grassy with ripe forest berries and a touch of mint.


Cold Pressed Hemp (600mgs of Cannabinoids) , Olive Oil, Live Resin Terpenes

A Whole Lotta Love.

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The Long Leaf CBD Co

The Long Leaf CBD Co


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