H4CBD (Hydrogenated CBD) 98% Distillate 1ml Syringe

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H4CBD (Hydrogenated CBD) 98% Distillate 1ml Syringe

H4-CBD (tetrahydrocannabidiol) is a new form of CBD which is growing in popularity for its high-level of potency.

This hydrogenated form of CBD is created by combining hemp-derived CBD molecules with hydrogen atoms in a lab.

It delivers many of the benefits and effects enjoyed with CBD, with its potency meaning only a very small dose is required by most people. Consumers have a lot of flexibility in how they choose to consume H4-CBD, depending on their personal preferences and individual needs.

H4-CBD has a binding affinity for the CB1 receptor that is approximately 100x stronger than CBD, making it a mild to moderate cannabimimetic agent that produces a noticeable uplifting yet relaxing effect, without significant intoxication or any psychoactivity which is associated with cannabis or THC.

• 1ml Glass Syringe

• 100 x Stronger Than CBD

• THC Free

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