No Ordinary Moments – Hypnos – Sleepy Time Ceremonial Cacao Latte


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No Ordinary Moments Supplements


No Ordinary Moments – Hypnos – Sleepy Time Ceremonial Cacao Latte

Unwind, relax and drift off into a deep sleep

Hypnos is a luxurious, caffeine-free evening latte with ceremonial cacao, natural relaxants, sleepy botanicals and adaptogens.

Designed to help quiet the mind, calm the body, and make it easier to fall asleep.

  • 22 servings
  • 150g bag
  • Tastes like hot chocolate
  • No sugar, sweeteners or flavourings

Your new evening ritual

Relax and unwind effortlessly with a chocolate evening latte, fusing 8 essential ingredients for deeper, rejuvenating sleep.

No more sleepless nights

Drift effortlessly into deep, uninterrupted rest

Backed by science

Inspired by Andrew Huberman’s sleep cocktail.

Sweet Satisfaction

A delicious low-calorie guilt-free treat

Wake up feeling rested

Increase deep and REM sleep, wake up feeling bright

Sleepy ingredients chosen to help you unwind.

Science backed adaptogens, amino acids and botanicals with no added flavourings, sweeteners or nasties.

Ingredients: Cacao (50%), Coconut Milk, Glycine, L-theanine, Lucuma, Magnesium Threonate Cinnamon, Chamomile Extract(Apigenin), Reishi, Passion Flower, Himalayan Salt

CacaoMood and relaxation

Glycine & CinnamonSleep quality

ReishiReduce stress

L-theanineReduce anxiety

Passion FlowerDeep REM

Chamomile & MagnesiumTransition to sleep

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No Ordinary Moments

No Ordinary Moments range of health supplements including Hypnos (Sleepy Ceremonial Cacao Latte), Javasu (Instant Mushroom Coffee) and Moksha (Decaf Coffee Superfood Alternative).
No Ordinary Moments Supplements


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