No Ordinary Moments – Javasu – Instant Mushroom Coffee


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No Ordinary Moments Supplements


No Ordinary Moments – Javasu – Instant Mushroom Coffee

Energy without the jitters & crash

Javasu is not just any coffee; it’s a blend of rich Colombian instant combined with functional mushrooms and adaptogens.

Designed to elevate your morning ritual, Javasu gives you a focused and smooth start to your day without the jitters, crashes or anxiety of traditional coffee.

  • 60 servings
  • 80mg of caffeine 
  • 500mg of adaptogens
  • No sugar, sweeteners or flavourings
  • Taste: Coffee with notes of dark chocolate & caramel

Functional ingredients, helping you feel amazing.

No added flavourings, sweeteners or nasties.

Instant Arabica Coffee (80%), Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps and L-theanine:

Arabica Coffee

Lion’s Mane – 300mg

Cordyceps – 50mg

Chaga – 100mg

L-theanine – 50mg

High quality mushrooms extracts

Not all shrooms are created equal

EU Grown & Organic

Enjoy small-batch Organic EU-grown mushrooms, sustainably farmed and free from pesticides.

Backed by Science 

We only use trusted, researched and proven mushrooms with benefits that will elevate your days.

Dual Extraction

Using advanced water and ultrasonic-assisted extraction, you get highly bio-available mushroom extracts.


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No Ordinary Moments

No Ordinary Moments range of health supplements including Hypnos (Sleepy Ceremonial Cacao Latte), Javasu (Instant Mushroom Coffee) and Moksha (Decaf Coffee Superfood Alternative).
No Ordinary Moments Supplements


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