July 22, 2024
The Long Leaf CBD Products Now Instock at Area 51 CBD Lab!

Area 51 CBD Lab are proud to announce that we have added another quality and fellow Scottish CBD brand with The Long Leaf.

The Long Leaf CBD Co. are an Edinburgh based UK cannabis lifestyle brand & company for the cannabis connoisseur.

We have added The Long Leaf’s entire range of 800mg CBD Crumble Extracts to our store.

Each glass jar contains a super soft, waxy and crumbly hemp derived extract which contains 80% Broad-Spectrum cannabinoids (800mgs).

This potent rocket fuel is infused with real cannabis-derived terpenes from strains such as Sunset Gelato Cannabis. (as pictured)

Their 800mg CBD Crumble extract range comes in four tasty terpene profiles including Sunset Gelato, Mango Kush, Wedding Cake and OG Kush.

Price: £30 per 1gram pot (800mg CBD)

Sunset Gelato CBD Dab Extract (800mg – 1g) - The Long Leaf

We have also added The Long Leaf’s 1000mg CBD Paste to our range of raw CBD paste extract products.

This is a raw, potent and 100% natural raw hemp extract which contains a full set of terpenes, omega 3 & 6 amino fatty acids and a full spectrum of hemp bioactives (Phytocannabinoids).

Lab Tested & Produced in ISO9001 Facility.

Further infused with real cannabis derived terpenes from a Sativa dominant strain to give you a bounce in your step.

Price: £49.99 per 5ml (1000mg CBD)

The Long Leaf 1000mg CBD Paste Area 51 CBD Lab

We have also added to our range of CBD oils here at Area 51 CBD Lab with The Long Leaf’s 600mg Cold Pressed CBD Hemp Oil (30ml).

The Long Leaf have produced an artisanal- small batch cold-pressed 600mg CBD oil which is naturally rich in a full suite of hemp bioactives.

The process protects the delicate beneficial compounds and gently coaxes them into our bottles, and into your tummy.

Infused with real live resin cannabis-derived terpenes from an Indica dominant strain.

Price: £36.00 per 30ml (600mg CBD)

600mg Cold Pressed CBD Hemp Oil (30ml) - The Long Leaf

To purchase The Long Leaf’s CBD products, please visit our Area 51 CBD Lab online shop at: The Long Leaf CBD

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