June 24, 2024
Woodies - CBD & Medicinal Mushroom Supplements Now Instock at Area 51 CBD Lab!

We are proud to announce here at Area 51 CBD Lab that we are now stocking Woodies range of CBD and Medicinal Mushroom supplements.

The range includes Lions Mane Mushroom and CBD Capsules, Cordyceps Mushroom with CBD Capsules, Multi Shroom Mix and CBD Capsules and Reishi Mushroom and CBD Capsules.

Woodies - Cordyceps Mushroom With CBD - 60 Capsules

Containing 98% pure broad-spectrum triple distilled CBD (Cannabidiol) with a total CBD content of 1000mg per 60 capsules.

Vegan, Gluten-Free and Organic.

For more information or to purchase Woodies CBD and Medicinal Mushroom Supplements please visit our store section at: Woodies CBD Mushroom Supplements

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